StarMoonArts (starmoonarts) wrote in zippolicious,

maybe this is a dumb question, but...

hi, all. i have had this old (maybe antique) lighter that i found years ago. it used to work, but now it just won't light. it has lighter fluid in it, but the wick (or whatever it is) just barely sparks & won't actually catch fire. i've been wondering if it's possible to change the wick (or whatever) to fix it. is this possible? if so, how do i do it & where can i buy a lighter wick?

this lighter isn't even a zippo, btw. still, it is an interesting one unlike any other i've seen before (but then again i'm no expert). it is a women's lighter that's thin and has a cameo on it. i was hoping to sell it on ebay soon, so any help with this would be really appreciated. if it's something easy, i'll fix it. if not, i'd at least like to know what to tell a buyer about how to get it working. thank you!!!
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